han shot first – will he please shoot me?

papercut patterns ‘peter and the wolf’ pants.

i think the thing that started these trousers for me was the realization that i had some scraps of amazing blue flowered lace leftover from cutting out a woven attempt at my lady-mary-inspired top.  i saw the interesting yoke design of the peter and the wolf trouser and it just spoke to me.  (yeah, sometimes fabric talks to me.  i’ve learned to listen.)

and then while i was prepping and piecing my patchwork deer and doe datura i had all of these little, half-inch scraps of red silk.

and then i ended up here.


because, me.


so, yes, those are corellian bloodstripes (first class, thank you!) made out of serged-together scraps of flower lace and red silk.


because, me.

i found the pattern  extremely straightforward and generally easy to construct.  all of the yokes and pattern pieces matched up easily and went together without a hitch.  my major issue was crotch-fitting.


i traced off my moulage crotch curve, but decided to leave myself some insurance.  so when i cut them out, i left the as-drafted front curve in place.

you can see i have excellent rear coverage.


but the front was like a full-on monet.  what was it lauren said?  like i had ketchup packets stuffed in there trying to fill out the extra fabric bunching in a most unattractive manner.  i spent multiple sessions pinching out excess that fabric at the front seam, trying to fix it.  in fact, i realized that i had adjusted it almost exactly to the traced evidence of my moulage curve.  so i thought i had succeeded – which i had – until i put the waistband on.


still not perfect – but at least i don’t feel like a fashion ‘don’t’ when i leave the apartment any more. also, are those wrinkles wearing ease? i was afraid to over-fit them. next time i will take out a small wedge in the flat pattern to compensate.

tears may have ensued.

then i had the ultimate d’oh moment.  like, after some furtive googling for ‘camel toe’ – and thanks, internet, for that will now forever be in my search history – i was able to ascertain that my crotch curve was pretty bang-on the way i had adjusted it (as in, back to the way it is drafted in my moulage) and my main issue was that i had not curved the waistband to match.


basically, my adjustment had essentially shortened the front crotch curve, and the best way to fix it now that i was in fabric and not on a flat pattern was to re-attach the waistband to match the shorter seam.  so i still have a nice coverage in the rear, and a slightly-below-the-navel dip in the front.


and for for the moron moment – pearl clutching may now commence.  i did all of this while totally forgetting that i had:

  • david coffin’s trouser-making book
  • sandra betzina’s trouser-fitting class on craftsy
  • sandra betzina’s trouser-making class on craftsy

yep, that is me, sewing genius, right there.

but i fixed them!

but what i can’t get over is – what kind of person takes a perfectly lovely trouser pattern and adds corellian bloodstripes?  i mean, who does that?  that is NOT NORMAL.

sorry, not sorry.




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24 Responses to han shot first – will he please shoot me?

  1. gingermakes says:

    Success! All’s well that ends well! Also, anyone that realizes what your pants are referencing is also a geek, so they can’t judge you AT ALL. These are awesome and so are you!

  2. Clio says:

    Agreed! Anyone who gets it will think you are the s—! And anyone who doesn’t will still think you have cool pants.

  3. maddie says:

    So awesome and so genius. Glad you stuck with the pants during all your crotch fitting woes because it paid off!

  4. Heather Lou says:

    You are the cutest Hans Solo EVER! These are rad pants.

  5. David says:

    I love them!!! Those bloodstripes are fantastic, brilliant job!

    • puu says:

      thanks! it was crazy doing it, but it was worth it to use up the scraps and come up with something weird and unexpected.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Okay I just like them for the fashion moment…Han Solo has nuthin to do with how wonderful these look on you!

  7. Trice says:

    This are so cool. You are braver than me, I kind of pause after messing around with the crotch on my muslin, still need some adjustments. Your hard work paid off.

    Crotch and bang-on in the sentence made me giggle, yes I am immature. 🙂

  8. JacqC says:

    Who doesn’t need Han trousers in their life? Fabulous 🙂

  9. piakdy says:

    Love the whole outfit from head to toes! And even the painting on the wall!
    Great use of different fabrics to add interest to the pants. It still looks classy but with a twist, so versatile for dressing up or down, paring with different stuff.
    Did you make the top as well? And where the shoes?

    • puu says:

      so, the trousers are, like i said, unlabeled stretchy stuff from the stash – the blouse is RTW. when i see a good RTW white blouse i tend to grab it because i wear so many of them. the shoes are kitten-heels from valentino (splurge!!!) and the mural is from anthropologie 🙂

      i do think the trousers, even with the bloodstripe, will be a good versatile wardrobe builder…especially with my hundreds of white blouses 😉

  10. Amanda says:

    I love Star Wars so your inspiration photo is obviously amazing! Didn’t realize those stripes had a particular name, but they look great on your version. Now you just need a Wookiee vest to go with it! I saw one at Top Shop a few years ago, except I’m guessing that wasn’t the look they were going for. 😉

    • puu says:

      so, just to show off how much of a geek i am: they do have a name. and the yellow ones (from ESB) are second-class stripes. pretty sure it was just a wardrobe choice, but according to the EU (expanded universe) they were awarded for two separate acts of bravery.

      also: in high school when i was on the stage tech crew one of my crewmates labeled her walkie with a strip of duct tape and we called it her corellian bloodstripe. we also used to talk to each other over the walkies using code from the attack on hoth: echo three to echo seven.

      i do have plans to make a solo-inspired vest, but i’m too high on the euphoria of finally finishing these to get too worked up about it 🙂

  11. oonaballoona says:

    han would be proud. especially since it kinda looks like he’s wearing RTW jeans with an attached strip. i never really looked before– am i craycray or are those jeans??

    also, THOSE POCKETS.

  12. jillybe says:

    Must. Get. This. Pattern. But you and only you (well, and Han…) OWN the stripes!

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