simplicity 1803 + simplicity 1873 = awesomesauce


weird, but true story of how bloggers know me better than anyone:

i was describing a make – really, any make, but it might have been this one – to clio, whose only answer was, “i pretty much imagine you have an entire closet of UFOs and every day you just say to yourself, ‘what do i want to finish today’?”

so yeah, this one happened kind of like that.  only it’s really more like a series of file cabinets, because that is how i roll.


top = bodice of simplicity 1803 bottom = skirt of simplicity 1873

so simplicity 1873 is officially my go-to skirt pattern these days. i really just love everything about it: the drafting, the pleats, the ease of construction and its appeal in a wide range of fabrics. in this version i’ve finished the hem with horsehair braid using a method from lynda maynards dressmaker’s handbook of couture sewing techniques. it’s quick, clean, easy and gives a nice flourish to the lizzy house quilting cotton.


oh, what’s that you say? you recognize that cotton? yes, i finally finished the bottom half of my two-piece summer dress. i’m really happy with the overall product, although my trusty simplicity 1803 peek-a-boob needs a bit of tweaking for a cleaner fit on that front yoke. any suggestions? i worry that taking in that yoke at the center front will constrain my shoulder movement, and it fits nicely across the bodice itself.


no waistband on the skirt; just a wide piece of polka-dotted grosgrain ribbon (poly grosgrain, alas, not real grosgrain) as a finish. sometimes i get lazy and a ribbon makes a clean finish without totally cheating.


i love that i can wear the pieces together or as separates for two distinct looks.


only clearly i need more variety on the cardi front!


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14 Responses to simplicity 1803 + simplicity 1873 = awesomesauce

  1. this is just the most fun outfit! i love it!

    for the front yoke gaping, you might want to try adjusting the shoulder slope so the chest lies flat.

    • puu says:

      that is a great suggestion – i always have to adjust shoulder slope on full bodice patterns, and i probably did not consider it on this one.

  2. Clio says:

    tee hee – some day I’m going to “aggressively encourage” you into an Area 51 inventory. 😉

    The horsehair is PERFECT on that skirt. So fun! And I love the proportions of the skirt and top together.

  3. piakdy says:

    Seriously! When I come to NYC in Oct I will have to still your wardrobe! On second thought you can keep the wardrobe, I’ll just take its content. And your mural. Ab Fab!

  4. I love the look of the horsehair braid. Must try this for myself! Such a cute outfit, either worn together or separately. And you have amazing legs!

  5. Lisette says:

    How fun, I would never have thought to make a two piece dress like that, but I really like it!

  6. Heather Lou says:


  7. jillybe says:

    LOTS of awesomeness! I’m loving the movement in the twirling pic – dance girl, dance!

  8. prttynpnk says:

    Fabric combo fabulousness! This is adorable and revvy.

  9. poppykettle says:

    Jennifer stole the most appropriate word right outta my mouth – FUN!!! And I know it’s having an effect on you – can see it in your smile 🙂 The skirt has such lovely flounce to it!

  10. Nancy hoffman says:

    Ok, I’ve been dying to ask … What IS that fabulous mural, wallpaper, hanging behind you? I want one!!!

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