a quickie: megan nielsen crescent blouse


speaking of my constant stash of nearly-finished UFOs (hereafter referred to as area 51), i seriously have four of these happening right now. they’re just so cute and easy and don’t take up too much fabric! perfect for a few scraps of leftover lizzy house or liberty of london (not that i’ve tried that yet) or even silky things.


i like the open shoulder variation the best so far, but i do think that – should i take the time to actually finish one before cutting out the next one – i want to put a bit more shaping in the side seams. the pattern is ever-so-slightly boxy and i think i’d prefer a more fitted variation, even if that means sucking it up and putting a zipper in. (insert sadface)


construction-wise, nothing could be simpler – i made everything on my serger, including finishing the shoulder and arm openings with a rolled hem. then i popped that baby into my flat-felling foot on the regular machine for a clean, no-fuss finish. again, next time i might prefer to add a bit more seam allowance (the crescent, like all megan nielsen patterns, has 1cm) to allow a little more flexibility on the seam finishes, but overall i was quite pleased. it’s a cute top and the proportion is perfect for a long, slim skinny jean or trouser.




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15 Responses to a quickie: megan nielsen crescent blouse

  1. a flat fell foot? what is this thing you speak of? I have to go and check it out! oh and CATS! love that fabric! so cute but pale enough not to be too novelty.

  2. Susan says:

    Toooo cute! Love this whole outfit. ❤

  3. poppykettle says:

    Sadface here on the need for a zipper too. I adore this pattern (looks great on you) but I’m far to lazy right now to alter it for a better fit. I think you pull off the boxyness of it really well!

  4. That’s so fun.. I agree with you on having larger seam allowences to allow you get creative on the seams. I used to take the seam off all my patterns and add them as needed

  5. Loving this! I love your quick and dirty finishes too. Just my style!

  6. oonaballoona says:

    hey you sexy thang.

    i keep forgetting about this super cute blouse. i wonder how it would look in a knit….

  7. Cats! That’s enough to make this top perfect, boxy or not.

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  9. Nicole says:

    I love your crescent blouse. I just made one recently but I really like how yours sits higher on the waist (i have a short torso so the waist seam is almost to the top of my pelvis bones). Super cute!

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