vintage simplicity playsuits for the end of the summer

gudes*, let’s get real.  summer’s over (in the northern hemisphere), the wind is starting to smell like fall.  days are shorter.  the world is (yet again) going to hell in a handbasket.  and this past weekend was the two-year anniversary of a huge personal challenge.

i am not in an awesome place this week.  i’m not gonna lie.  so i’ll just post some fun end-of-summer outfits i finished just in time for a summer vacation weekend in california.


(and watch some buffy the vampire slayer.  obvi.  maybe read some really trashy sailor moon fan-fiction?  wait, did i just admit that out loud?)


these are both 1930’s-era simplicity playsuit patterns and can i tell you how much i love them?  they were beyond perfect for beach-strolling.  and high-waisted shorts!  awesome!


the skirts are identical and i used two different shorts patterns.  keep an eye on the pleated pair; i have a new set nearly ready (#missionarea51, much?) in some liberty of london wool from NY-Lon.


i think i just need to hole up for some quiet time with the new bernina.  i have jean-ius to accomplish!  and drapey rayon challis trousers? and a list a mile long of UFOs!


and buffy.  let us not forget buffy.


* i am reliably informed that this is how the cool kids are referring to their “girl dude” friends 🙂

so, yeah, this really happened to me.


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6 Responses to vintage simplicity playsuits for the end of the summer

  1. prttynpnk says:

    Well Gude Guide, you have some fun pieces here! I like the swishy 30’s showgirl on holiday look!

  2. Heather Lou says:

    ARRRGGGHHH those playsuits!!! So awesome, and yet they look totally modern! Hope you’re feeling better my love; Buffy always helps. I’ve been streaming it in the background while making samples. xoxoxo

  3. Clio says:

    I love everything you’re wearing in this post! And sending you hugs this week.

  4. First of all, big big big hugs. Second, I honestly think these play suits are some of my fave things you’ve made. You look AMAZING in them. So classy, but funky, romantic, but no-nonsense, playful, but not girly-girl. Love you in these. (And another hug)

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