crescent moon power, make-up!

because, look, i can be one of the cool geeks making stuff out of awesome sheets too.

IMG_5826it will likely surprise NO ONE reading this that i once owned a set of sailor moon bedsheets, in the late nineties and early aughts. i even had a set in my freshman dorm room, and not ironically. count me in as the kid in the hall who had all of her identity up on the wall for all to see: CDs and books neatly stacked on a small shelf, photographs and snapshots (and movie posters, god help me, the movie posters…) on the floor-to-ceiling corkboard, twinkly lights wrapped around the wardrobe and keith haring chalkboard in place of a dry-erase on the dorm door.


and lest anyone wonder if i had any, you know, actual friends in college, allow me to point out that i was the only kid on the hall with cable and a VHS player. people LOVED me.*

*actually, though, my freshman hall was pretty awesome – exactly the land of misfit toys that a college freshman dorm should be, with all of the wacky hijinks that such a mixture should encourage. see also: midnight ultimate frisbee, 4am pizza parties, 5pm group dinner followed by 2am pizza delivery, et al.  also, i went to college in the blissful time of napster and AIM away messages.  NOW GET OFF MY LAWN!

umm….right. so anyway, allow me to (over)share my sailor moon sheet crescent top. unlike my later iterations, this one i did up pretty properly with bias binding and all. i had a rough go of the bindings on such tiny seam allowances, and i definitely forgot to install the collar and had to go back, unpick the binding and shoulder seam, insert the collar, re-seam, re-bind…

but seeing the finished version in all of its glory, paired with its matching rite of spring shorts and a wraparound skirt for the playsuit look, i sort of wish i had finished my subsequent versions the old-fashioned way instead of via serger. something about the open shoulder looks cleaner (even though it does indeed pull a bit) with the binding instead of merely a turned-under serged edge.


and the collar is a fun touch. without it, i do not think my un-ironic sailor moon sheets would be as effective a fashion fabric.


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12 Responses to crescent moon power, make-up!

  1. David says:

    Full credit to you for originality. Who knew something so pretty would come out of a bedsheet? I like the original design and the way you’ve centered the two red circles close to the Peter Pan collar.

  2. sallie says:

    Yay for sailor moon bedsheets!! I LOVED sailor moon!!! And she looks pretty great made up into a crescent, too! Also loving your red shorties and wraparound skirt, how genius!

  3. gingermakes says:

    This whole outfit is so you and so fun! Love it! And… am I the only one who misses AIM flirtations? Those were the best.

  4. This is just too fun. My middle school self is jealous! I had all the dolls, and the boxed DVD set.

  5. Aaaahhh! Those sheets! I love that you still have them and actually made something wearable out of them! The red accents are just perfect. And oh mean, those AIM tensions…”he just signed on, but I can’t message him right away lest I look too eager! Oh crap he just left and I didn’t do anything.”

  6. Vairë Gwîr says:

    Why didn’t I have sheet like those? Why? Is it too late to get a set now? Would my OH approve?

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