me-made-everyday style report and the BEST casual friday EVER

friends, what a wild and weird week it has been for me here in the ‘time corridor’, to throw in an a propos sailor moon reference. i quit my corporate job this week to open a consulting firm with my father, so that is super-exciting. to have the day finally here, to have seen the demo-ed out office space, gave me a bit of a rush. i am just so lucky to have this situation with my father and our business partners and the positive energy is overwhelming.

speaking of overwhelming, i recently suffered my first major instance of “whoa, OMG, bought too much fabric.” i will not name names but someone we all know and love helped with this issue, but then i compounded it by going to visit the october french jacket class hosted by mendel goldberg and taught, as always, by the lovely susan khalje. her students had a really beautiful array of fabric/lining combos and i quite blatantly copied a gorgeous chanel multicolored plaid/lanvin lining combination from one woman who was making a perfectly fitted, sublimely nipped-in basic V7975 out of it. if you are out there, madam, know that your choice so completely inspired me that i have already muslined, cut out and tailored a version of marfy 1756 that i hope to continue working on this weekend. my version has a zip front and leather accents and it is the most excited i have been about a project in a while. talk about positive energy!

on other fronts…

  • jeans!  not only am i working on multiple additional pairs of my jean-ius jeans, i am thrilled to be supporting my friend heather by checking out the new ginger pattern.  in my new office, i am going for a never-ending supply of gorgeous, business-casual jeans with blazers, and these will help send me on my way.
  • in addition to my marfy 1756, i am working on a style arc polly and – of course – constructing it chanel-style.  so there’s my entire weekend gone in a flash.  what TV to watch in the background?  these are the important questions, people.  (PS – have you seen the gorgeous hybrid marfy 1756 from leisa at a challenging sew?  it actually spurred me to download, print and cut my first-ever PDF pattern – that is how excited it made me to get to work)
  • on a shopping trip last week with my cousins, we lurked a chanel pop-up store featuring the styles from the last runway show (you know, the one that was meant to invoke a street protest?) and guess what i saw:  quilted boucle chanel trousers.  yeah, i was done.  picture mine using Simplicity 1371 as a base pattern and…well, i won’t show you the fabric yet.  but it’s intense.
  • COATS!  meet gerard.


  • shortcut butterick 5952 with silk cami, pleated taffeta skirt, fold-over booties.  i think i am in love
  • cropped (but comfy!) white sweater with re-fashioned advance 3951, pink tights, and COMBAT BOOTS.  because me.
  • peter and the wolf trousers with white silk blouse and black kitten heels
  • original vogue 7975 with white button-down, original elizabeth and james ‘crosby’ jeans, and kitty cat ballet flats



  • haters gonna hate.  and liberty denim jeans.
  • me and the happy couple, in my tie-dyed chanel and screenprinted alabama chanin camisole (both unblogged)
  • nothing says beautiful late october weather like a cape that could have cost $1400 but that i made for a fraction of that
  • my favorite liberty skirt and a cashmere turtleneck i wish i had for every day of the week, tights, booties
  • sweater, blouse, and cammo jeans for my first day of my new life.  and also…

IMG_1397.JPGthis happened.  happy friday!!

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8 Responses to me-made-everyday style report and the BEST casual friday EVER

  1. prttynpnk says:

    I cant stop the covetous feelings! I love these looks- you have my dream- a fully integrated me made wardrobe that blends together beautifully!
    Congrats on your work move- it sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

  2. poppykettle says:

    Awesome. the camo jeans with the black heart jumper (sweater) is by far my fav 🙂

  3. Heather Lou says:

    Your style is awesome Devra. So quirky and stylish and YOU. And I WILL STEAL THAT CAPE. I WILL STEAL IT AND FLY AWAY IN IT.

  4. Jessicathecat says:

    Love your style and wish I was 30 yrs younger so I could emmulate.

    As a matter of curiosity, consulting in what area?

  5. gingermakes says:

    Unicorn shoes!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Najah says:

    I am swooning. Your wardrobe is epic.

  7. CarmencitaB says:

    Elegant, swellegant, let me sing some Cole Porter here!

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