drape drape does comfy

20140922-213430.jpgi know these aladdin-style knickers from drape drape #1 come in for their fair share of ridicule, but i rather love them.  and here is why.

a month or so ago i was invited to a big girls’ night lasagna dinner on a friday evening, and i was tired, and hungry, and didn’t want to get all dressed up (i know, not even for wine and lasagna.  i am officially a horrible girl friend).  but i had these, already cut, filed away in my area 51 drawer, and pulled them out, fired up the serger, and had a new comfy pair of sweatpants in an acceptable leave-the-house-looking-like-this fashion in about an hour and a half.

paired with my “balls and bayonets brigade” spaghetti strap tank and a jeans jacket, i actually felt like a million bucks.  STEALTH PAJAMAS FTW.

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8 Responses to drape drape does comfy

  1. maddie says:

    I rather love them as well!

  2. Clio says:

    That’s the awesome thing about harem pants – feel like pj’s, but fierce/fashionable for wearing out of doors.

  3. sallie says:

    I actually really love harem pants! Down with the Aladdin pants haters!!

  4. Soisewedthis says:

    I nominated you for a little blog hoppy thing that’s been making the rounds http://soisewedthis.blogspot.com/2014/11/answer-me-these-questions-three-or-four.html?m=1 Hope you want to play along 🙂

  5. betsy says:

    I love the idea of Area 51 drawer for those type of projects! I have a whole rack of them.

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