announcements, announcements, announcements!

if the words “what a horrible way to die” followed by a chorus of frère jacques are going through your head right now, we’re already on the same page.

jennifer at workroom social has gathered a true dream team of sewing experts and enthusiasts to plan and host Camp Workroom Social in the new york catskills in the fall of 2015.  i’ll let her words speak for me:

Camp Workroom Social is not your typical sewing retreat. It’s a new approach to sewing education. At Camp Workroom Social, perfection is not our goal, learning is. Immerse yourself in an encouraging and non-competitive sewing course and escape your everyday routine. Socialize and bond with other adults who share your enthusiasm for sewing, and embrace the excitement of sleep-away camp.

i don’t know many people who had anything but a positive camp experience, and of those, i feel like most of them would go back in a heartbeat. here’s your chance!  i’d love especially to recommend this to sewists out there who don’t have the chance to share their love with other local peeps.  here in the city area, we get spoiled at how easy it is to spend hours foregoing sleep in order to talk sewing – come and try it out for yourself!

also, not to step on fiona’s excellent-as-usual indie pattern update from october, but i think the sutton blouse, geometry top and soon-to-come tate top are going to be my new go-to blouse patterns.  here’s why: i have, literally, an entire box of gorgeous vintage shirt patterns tucked away, but most days what i really need is something clean, comfortable, elegant and modern to complement and quiet-the-hell-down whatever crazyness i have going on everywhere else.


need i say more?

not to mention that any of these would be a brilliant choice under a “little french jacket” and paired with either my jean-ius draft or a pair of gingers.

okay, gudes, so now it’s disclosure time.  with the exception of K&L, whom i have never met, many of the women involved in these projects (including several of the instructors jennifer is working with at CWS) are, if not actual good friends of mine, good acquaintances.  i was there when the tate top was invented and named and cannot wait to see how jen took a sketch and a joke and turned it into an actual design.  so here’s my disclosure:

If you and your friend(s) are in the same field and can collaborate or help each other, do this without shame. It’s not your fault your friends are awesome.

GUDES.  speaking of awesome.  i know this is not necessarily a typical reaction to receiving a chain letter, but i was nominated for the blog hop.  by someone i do not know in person.  seriously.  thank you, Sew I Sewed This.

  1. why do i write?  this is going to sound weird and pretentious, but it’s kind of like asking me why do i breathe.  i just love to write – i am perpetually having a conversation with myself in my head and writing it down totally justifies that.  writing helps me clarify my thoughts and hone an argument and understand why i think the way i do about things.  when i was a kid my friends and i would literally pass notes back and forth to each other to make short stories out of.  at camp i was a compulsive letter writer (on one memorable occasion, my friend sent me a letter back with my address torn and pasted out of my previous rambles because my handwriting, according to him, was so impossible to read).  when my college obsession treated me horribly i filled up an entire notebook with heartfelt angst, writing and re-writing until i came up with all of the perfect things i should have said (but never did).  when AIM was a thing i used to stay up all night with a psych major friend of mine at haverford arguing the finer points of The Wheel of Time and now that i am (ostensibly) a grown-up i have taken that conversation to the blog, only now i talk about sewing.  (although in private i have still been known to start and maintain five-years-long email chains about LOST, arrow, firefly, dollhouse, buffy, and/or veronica mars.  PIZ, LOGAN OR DUNCAN, people?  these are important questions.)  my thoughts feel more real when they are written down.  also, i am a huge introvert, but i do not sound like it when i write.  this helps me to feel better about life, the universe and everything.if we’re talking about why do i write this blog specifically, the answer is more complicated.  i started it so that when i started going to local meetups i had something to point to as a marker of my existence.  so much easier to say, “i’m devra and this is my blog” than “i am a creepy stalker who thinks you all are awesome, won’t you be my friend?”  i started going to the local meetups because the long-term illness of my mother (for whom i was a primary caregiver) had curtailed most  of my social bonds, but had given me sewing.  so i was at a place in my life where i needed to reach out and find some new people, and i had the tools to do that with wordpress and a kenmore.
  2. how is your blog different from others in the sewing community?  i was a creative writing major in college, and the major takeaway from four years of writing workshops was that if i used two words when i could have used ten then i just wasn’t trying hard enough – so aside from the fact that i use more words, make less sense, have more punctuation marks and shun proper capitalization, i think the only thing i honestly do differently than the other amazing people participating in the community is my style.
  3. what are you working on now?  aside from the obvious marfy 1756, my other WIPs include but are not limited to:  a style arc polly jacket; a self-drafted zip front jacket in cashmere and leather (and embroidered!); quilted boucle trousers; three pairs of jean-ius draft jeans; a re-fashion out of oscar de la renta silk (which may have achieved UFO status by now since the last time i looked at it was in june); and an entire drawer of cut out and stenciled alabama chanin-inspired projects.
  4. what is your writing process?  stream-of-consciousness that i then go back and edit.  i KNOW.  i am sure 90% of you don’t believe me – i would not, either!  but these words are the product of careful thought and editing.  sometimes when i have a specific project or story to tell the words arrange themselves in my head and all i do is transcribe them.  sometimes i have to try a little harder.  but, you know, it’s just writing.  writing is easy.  all you do is sit, staring, at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.

who’s next??  i want to give a shoutout to sena at Sew Many Mistakes because i really identify with her trying to challenge herself with a project – jeans – that most people think a beginner shouldn’t tackle.  that was totally me.  only with a tailored coat.  because why make life easy when it can be challenging and fulfilling?  i also want to drag into the fray some of the other women i know who are even more amazing than their blog-words would suggest:  jennifer, kelli, wanett and aspen.  let’s hop, kids!

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13 Responses to announcements, announcements, announcements!

  1. maddie says:

    That sewing camp sounds like so much fun! Might have to make a trip to NYC to attend!

  2. Amanda says:

    I was so super excited to receive Jennifer’s email yesterday! Such a cool idea. I started my blog under similar circumstances: caring for my dad during his long-term illness made me want to connect better with other sewing peeps since reading blogs was a big source of happiness during that time (I didn’t get a chance to go to a meet-up until several months after starting my blog, oddly enough just a couple weeks after he passed away). I also agree about starting a blog so you have something to point to when you meet people! I was commenting on so many blogs before starting my own and I finally felt like I should have a presence, a face behind the comments.

    • puu says:

      wow, amanda, this is a great story! it’s funny, i was so wrapped up in my own world during that period of my life that it never occurred to me that others may have found that solace as well. i’m so glad it led us to knowing each other!

  3. sallie says:

    “If you and your friend(s) are in the same field and can collaborate or help each other, do this without shame. It’s not your fault your friends are awesome.”

    SO. FREAKING. TRUE!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, I really really REALLY want to go to that summer camp!! How much fun would that be?!

  4. oonaballoona says:

    i love your answers. but i knew i would.

  5. Soisewedthis says:

    Enjoyed reading your answers! 🙂

  6. gingermakes says:

    I could spend HOURS debating Piz/Logan/Duncan (although Duncan is so boring and plain vanilla that he’s not even in the debate…) and I’m really hoping some other people also chime in on this very important topic.

    • True Bias says:

      loved reading this. but on to the important stuff – piz, logan, or duncan. if we are just talking pure love and passion – logan all the way. if we are talking lets have a family, not get cheated on and be happy – probably piz. duncan – please stay in hideout because if i have to watch you in another episode i would probably fall asleep.

      • puu says:

        i have to weigh in with my unpopular opinion…there is a place for duncan in VM’s life, for at least a little while. i kind of respected that when they got back together it was off-putting and weird because, hey, that is life. and then he left and i did not miss him. 🙂

  7. Jessicathecat says:

    Have you decided to quit blogging?

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