if you are anything like me, you are often scrambling to look something up, figure out a technique, or just find information. and the internet is priceless for that kind of hunt. i wanted to highlight some of the things that have given me ideas or help when i was looking for it, in addition to just linking them from posts.  buttonholes, shopping, tailoring, padstitching, or whatever–i often need help on all of it!

vintage patterns

sewing machines




Other sewists using embroidery:



my library

sometimes, though, you just need a book.  some of my favorites:
(none of these links generate any income for me…i’m just sharing some thoughts)

2 Responses to resources

  1. ZOMG SAILOR MOON PICS. I think I have a sewing blogger crush on you. Also, that is a nice list of resources. Which I realize was the main point of this page, and not Mina and Artemis and Amy.

    • puu says:

      um…picture your love and admiration for the world of LOTR, and that is basically how i felt about BSSM when i first discovered it in junior high–it was the first story that really took me fun and exciting places and i have never stopped loving it…time travel…magic powers…doomed yet unstoppable romance…what is not to love? 🙂 i may have been the only 8th grader in the US to be sending away for bootlegged, subtitled copies of the japanese episodes!

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